Monday, 15 August 2022 / Published in Featured products, News Release, Post
✓ They’re ultra light!✓ Their kevlar anti-perforation midsole offer greater flexibility and increased comfort when walking.✓ As composite toe caps are made thicker, the construction of metal-free safety shoes is adapted to offer a wider fit; perfect for women with a strong foot!✓ Unlike steel, composite and kevlar materials do not conduct cold inside your
Friday, 06 May 2022 / Published in Featured products, News Release, Post
With fluctuating temperatures, opting for the layering system is a wise choice. So, underneath the shirt which is underneath the hoodie, which is also underneath a work vest is your new favorite base layer: the P&F thermal underwear set! This pretty set is so soft and comfortable that you’ll want to wear it for your
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Every woman knows how empowering it is to be at ease in what she is wearing – which is why having a piece of clothing or footwear that was specifically made for the female body type is more comfortable. At P&F Workwear, they create their wide array of safety workwear, footwear, and accessories that perfectly