P&F Workwear Combines Comfort and Style in its Unique Collection Designed for Women in Trades

Every woman knows how empowering it is to be at ease in what she is wearing – which is why having a piece of clothing or footwear that was specifically made for the female body type is more comfortable. At P&F Workwear, they create their wide array of safety workwear, footwear, and accessories that perfectly fill the needs of the modern woman.

Since its founding in 2008 by Marie-Lise Pilote & Paragone, P&F Workwear has been more than committed to encouraging and supporting women to take part in male-dominated industries. With this in mind, they have launched the P&F collection, which was inspired by the need for women to stay themselves in their workplace – especially handy women, workers, gardeners, and artists.

Created by women for women, P&F Workwear has been and will always be a brand that encapsulates the female reality. By developing exclusive clothing for women, drawn to their image and for their comfort, P&F Workwear encourages strong and hardworking women to take their place freely at work.

While P&F Workwear has a selection of every day clothing like flannel shirts and cargo pants, and work site accessories such as safety glasses, work gloves, and hard hats to name a few, they are most famous for our line of women’s safety footwear.

The collection offers more than 20 styles of work boots and shoes respecting the CSA and ASTM safety standards. With a wide selection of work running shoes for warehouse work, waterproof steel toe boots for farmers, insulated work boots for outdoor winter work and steel toe or metal-free safety shoes, P&F safety footwear collection is designed to meet every customer’s needs.

“Gone are the days when construction sites were all black and brown. Now, women can show their true colors in their workplaces. Feeling good and beautiful in your clothes gives you confidence, and being confident is key when working in male-dominated industries!”

More often than not, safety shoes, steel toe work boots, or waterproof safety work boots only come in neutral colors like black or brown. This is because most manufacturers cater only to the majority of men in the same line of work. But at P&F Workwear, our footwear collection comes in various styles and colors, allowing women to have the protection they need while keeping their feminine fashion style.

Additionally, aside from being a brand that women in trade have grown to patronize, P&F Workwear’s reputation is all about the quality of our products. According to our team, they are famous for having “lightweight boots and shoes that are so comfortable, it feels like wearing slippers.” They are also considered pioneers in the field, with our unique collection being the first and the only of its scale in North America.

With P&F Workwear, women on the go get to express themselves better at work while enjoying comfort and function like no other – without compromising style. For more information about P&F Workwear and our collection, visit our website.


About P&F Workwear

P&F Workwear is a brand founded by Marie-Lise Pilote & Paragone that develops safety footwear & workwear for active women, drawn to their image and for their comfort. They design and offer a selection of quality women safety footwear, workwear, and accessories to women working in non-traditional trades.

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