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    Since 2008Designed for work, fitted for leisure! FOOTWEAR CLOTHING ACCESSORIES The right boot for every job 🤗   P&F Workwear doesn’t just offer a variety of designs to enhance your sense of style. Each pair of boots we craft is designed to meet specific on-the-ground needs. 🌟     Browse our guide to
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Why so many colors at P&F? 🤔 Because our brand reflects the image of the women it dresses! Colorful and dynamic women, whom we want to be seen as they are inspiring role models! 💪 Hassle-Free Online Shopping Free shipping on footwear and orders over $124. Free size exchanges. 😉(Canada & USA)
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✓ They’re ultra light!✓ Their kevlar anti-perforation midsole offer greater flexibility and increased comfort when walking.✓ As composite toe caps are made thicker, the construction of metal-free safety shoes is adapted to offer a wider fit; perfect for women with a strong foot!✓ Unlike steel, composite and kevlar materials do not conduct cold inside your
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With fluctuating temperatures, opting for the layering system is a wise choice. So, underneath the shirt which is underneath the hoodie, which is also underneath a work vest is your new favorite base layer: the P&F thermal underwear set! This pretty set is so soft and comfortable that you’ll want to wear it for your
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Every woman knows how empowering it is to be at ease in what she is wearing – which is why having a piece of clothing or footwear that was specifically made for the female body type is more comfortable. At P&F Workwear, they create their wide array of safety workwear, footwear, and accessories that perfectly
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Your mother overcame many challenges or climbed the Kilimanjaro? The admiration you have for this woman will forever be boundless? Tell us why and each of you could win the perfect summertime P&F set!🤩 TO PARTICIPATE 1. Tag your mom in the comments under the giveaway Facebook post and tell us why she inspires you so much.
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When the time has come to remove the carport, to setup the garden furniture, and to clean up the courtyard, women don’t spend an hour in the wardrobe… They choose durable pants, a warm vest and safety footwear. In short, they instinctively choose P&F Workwear. 😉 Shop This Look Sherpa lined ducktwill vest – Style