Woman Safety Footwear

Buy a pair of our new P&F safety boots

Get a free pair of assorted merino socks

Woman Safety Footwear and Workwear

Stretch multi-pocket pant

For great movement freedom!

Woman Safety Footwear and Workwear

Designed for work, great for leisures

Woman Safety Footwear

Work boots with zipper

Now available in raspberry

Woman rain boots

Neoprene and rubber rain boots

100% Waterproof

Woman Safety Footwear

New waterproof work boots!

Get a free pair of assorted merino socks

Bottes et chaussures de sécurité

Safety boots and shoes

Exclusively designed for women


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Marie-Lise Pilote (The founder)

P&F Workwear | About us


Founded in 2007 by Marie-Lise Pilote, P&F Workwear offer a selection of quality products to women working in non-traditional trades. As a pioneer in its field, this unique collection is the first and the only of this scale in North America. Much more than just products for industrial use, P&F workwear safety footwear and work clothing are ergonomic and offer a practical and refined look, perfectly filling the needs of the modern woman.

P&F workwear touches several aspects of the female reality and creates products for both the hard workers and the handywomen... Workers, gardeners, artists: this collection is for you. Since its first day, P&F workwear has been a project based on teamwork, providing women with accessible branded products, designed for them.


Beyond its commercial nature, P&F’s mission is to encourage women to take part in traditionally male professions. The P&F collection was born from a need, a need for women to stay themselves in their workplaces. P&F develops exclusive clothing for women, drawn to their image and for their comfort, and strongly believes that the more women will be free to « be » women on their work sites, the easier it will be for them to take their place freely.

P&F wants to help women show their true colors, and also help the society to realize that many areas would benefit from diversifying their human resources.

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Customer testimonials

  • Thank you for helping women take part in traditionally male professions.
  • Just love your work boots! Very comfortable and pretty.
  • Your boots are perfect for motorcycling. They’re light and very comfortable. Last year, I had the red boots and the red shirt. This year, I got the pink and the grey. Next year, I don’t know yet, but I’ll certainly get another bright color. I’ve been looking for comfortable boots for so long. Thank you!
  • I’m so happy with my new boots. Well deserved…
  • I love your products, it’s good quality!!!
  • Such a great customer service! Great customer experience! Thank you P&F Workwear!
  • There’s nothing better than wearing a P&F shirt, enjoying a beautiful Spring day.
  • If it was up to me, I would have bought a pair of every colour… It’s hard to choose!!! Let’s start with raspberries.
  • Thank you… The best work boots EVER!
  • My new acquisition… Working with style. Thank you for existing!
  • Thank you and bravo for your great customer service! You know how to make a client happy.
  • I bought your plaid flannel shirt… soft and comfortable, the kind everyone likes. Thank you for creating products just for us.
  • I bought my third pair of shoes from your collection. Very comfortable. Thank you!!!
  • I have just received a lot of handsome stuff from P&F Workwear collection. My kids and husband gave me a pair of boots, a shirt, a t-shirt and socks for my birthday. I’m so happy!
  • I love my new boots! My second pair of #pfworkwear.
  • I bought the red boots today! Extremely comfortable and so beautiful!!!
  • I have the blue boots and I love them! Thank you for putting women’s comfort first!
  • My everyday slippers... I love them!
  • I fell in love with your boots a couple of years ago. As my job requires to wear safety boots, I need to have the best for my feet (I have two pairs). Thank you once again for thinking about us, women working with style in men’s traditional trades.
  • I’m a gas station attendant and I swear, my P&F workwear makes me look stunning.

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