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MArie-Lise Pilote Founder P&F Workwear

P&F Workwear | About us


Founded in 2007 by Marie-Lise Pilote, P&F Workwear offer a selection of quality products to women working in non-traditional trades. As a pioneer in its field, this unique collection is the first and the only of this scale in North America. Much more than just products for industrial use, P&F workwear safety footwear and work clothing are ergonomic and offer a practical and refined look, perfectly filling the needs of the modern woman.

P&F workwear touches several aspects of the female reality and creates products for both the hard workers and the handywomen... Workers, gardeners, artists: this collection is for you. Since its first day, P&F workwear has been a project based on teamwork, providing women with accessible branded products, designed for them.


Beyond its commercial nature, P&F’s mission is to encourage women to take part in traditionally male professions. The P&F collection was born from a need, a need for women to stay themselves in their workplaces. P&F develops exclusive clothing for women, drawn to their image and for their comfort, and strongly believes that the more women will be free to « be » women on their work sites, the easier it will be for them to take their place freely.

P&F wants to help women show their true colors, and also help the society to realize that many areas would benefit from diversifying their human resources.


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